2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Shareholder & Proxy Advisor Outreach

We regularly communicate with a large portion of shareholders throughout the year and solicit feedback on key business and corporate governance topics. Additionally, beginning in 2015, we began a process of formal outreach to our top shareholders prior to our annual meeting to address our corporate governance practices, including executive compensation programs. The results of these conversations are discussed with both the SCI Board and our management. The Board then decides whether any action should be taken.

As part of our normal procedures, we also proactively engage with proxy advisors who represent the interests of certain of our shareholders. We continue to have an open dialogue with Glass Lewis and ISS and use their constructive feedback to continuously enhance our disclosures.

In April and May of 2017, we engaged with shareholders representing approximately 44% of the Company’s common stock prior to our 2017 Annual Shareholder Meeting. We specifically discussed executive compensation programs and as a result of feedback received, we added a return on equity modifier to the performance unit plan beginning in 2018. We also changed the denomination of the award to share units rather than cash units.

We also discussed the shareholder proposal brought forth in the 2017 Proxy Statement to require an independent Board Chair. The strong majority favored our leadership structure of having Tom Ryan, current CEO, as Chairman given the appointment of an effective Independent Lead Director and given the success of the Company. The minority that expressed concern of this structure pointed to Board tenure and diversity issues. As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the composition of the Board, our Chairman and the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee spent a considerable time reviewing candidates to serve on our Board of Directors. We are presenting two new nominees in this 2018 Proxy Statement. These two nominees, if elected, would significantly reduce the tenure and enhance the diversity of the Board.

Shareholder Proposal to Adopt Simple Majority

During the April and May 2017 conversations with top shareholders, we also discussed the shareholder proposal regarding the adoption of the simple majority voting. We received valuable feedback, which we used to prepare our planned response presented in this 2018 Proxy Statement. In early 2018, we then went back to our largest owners to discuss our response.

In January through March of 2018, we proactively engaged with our top holders to discuss our planned response to the 2017 shareholder proposal regarding the adoption of the simple majority voting requirement. As part of this process, we spoke to shareholders representing approximately 62% of the Company’s outstanding common stock.

Of the shareholders contacted, all agreed with declassifying the Board of Directors and adopting a simple majority voting requirement in our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation except for business combinations. For business combinations, we are proposing the reduction of a supermajority voting requirement to at least two-thirds. Of the shareholders contacted in early 2018, the strong majority felt that this was in line with their expectations, while the minority felt business combinations should also be at a simple majority level. However, the minority who held this view agreed that moving from a supermajority voting requirement of 80% to two-thirds reflected a positive movement for the Company.

We also consulted with Amalgamated Bank, who submitted the shareholder proposal for the adoption of simple majority voting at the last annual meeting and discussed our opinion and proposed solutions. Amalgamated Bank had no objection to our proposal.

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Executive Compensation  

  • We moved the return on equity metric from the short term compensation plan to a modifier in the long-term performance unit plan, which was previously solely based on total shareholder return.


  • We eliminated the Umbrella Plan starting in 2018 due to certain changes in the Tax Act.


  • We illustrated our alignment of pay and performance.



  • Board composition and refreshment remains a priority for us. We present two new nominees in this Proxy Statement. Ms. Sara Martinez Tucker and Ms. Jakki Haussler will bring diverse perspectives and experience to our Board of Directors. Mr. John W. Mecom, Jr. has communicated to the Company that he will not seek reelection for his seat next year. And lastly, in 2018, Mr. R.L. Waltrip decided not to seek another term as an elected member of our Board of Directors, but will still actively participate as Founder and Chairman Emeritus.


  • We continue our annual Board and Committee evaluation process.


  • Strong Lead Independent Director. We created the role in 2016 with enhanced authority to call special Board meetings and to preside over Board meetings in the absence of the Chairman.

6, 18

  • Independent Audit, Compensation, and Nominating and Corporate Governance Committees


  • We made changes to the Director's compensation.


Shareholder Rights

  • Shareholder questions and concerns are communicated to and considered by the Board. Shareholders are allowed to call special meetings.

9, 20

  • We conduct an annual "Say-on-Pay" vote


 Accounting White Paper

  • In response to shareholders' questions regarding the complexities of the Company's accounting for preneed sales, management published a white paper on its website in the fall of 2015, which has now been updated for the recent revenue recognition accounting standard change.

You can view the white paper at http://Investors.sci-corp.com under Featured Documents

Communication with Directors

We value dialogue with our shareholders and believe our ongoing outreach efforts, which are in addition to other communication channels available to our stockholders and interested parties, help us to continue to evolve our corporate governance practices in a way that reflects the insights and perspectives of our many stakeholders. Shareholders and other interested parties may communicate with any of the independent directors, including Committee Chairs and the Lead Independent Director, by using the following address: Service Corporation International, Lead Independent Director c/o Office of Corporate Secretary, 1929 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX 77019 or by email to leaddirector@sci-us.com.