2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Proposal 1: Election of Directors

The Board of Directors will temporarily have 12 members. John W. Mecom, Jr. has communicated to the Company that he will not seek reelection for his seat next year. The Directors will be divided into three classes, each with a staggered term of three years. At this year’s Annual Meeting, shareholders will be asked to elect five Directors to the Board; four with three-year terms expiring in 2021, and a one year term for Ms. Haussler, who is nominated to join the class of Directors whose term expires in 2019. Set forth below are profiles for each of the five candidates nominated by the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors for election by shareholders at this year’s Annual Meeting. Directors are elected by a majority of votes cast.

The Board of Directors recommends that Shareholders vote “FOR” the following five nominees.