2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Director Nominees

      Board Committee Composition
Independent  Age Director
Other Public Boards* A C E N&CG I

Anthony L. Coelho, Lead Independent Director
Former Majority Whip of the U. S. House of Representatives
Independent business and political consultant

YES 75 1991 2    

Jakki L. Haussler **
Founder and CEO, Opus Capital Management

YES 60 - 2 - - - -

Sara Martinez Tucker **
Former Chief Executive Officer, National Math + Science Initiative, a non-profit organization to improve student performance in STEM subjects

YES 62 - 3 - - - - -

Marcus A. Watts
President, The Friedkin Group, an umbrella company
overseeing various business interests that are principally automotive related

YES 59 2012 1   C  

Edward E. Williams
Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship, Rice University, Doctorate in Finance and Accounting

YES 72 1991 None       C

Continuing Directors

  Board Committee Composition
Independent Age Director
Other Public Boards* A C E N&CG I

Alan R. Buckwalter
Former Chairman and CEO, Chase Bank of Texas

YES 71 2003 None C    

Victor L. Lund
President and CEO, Teradata

YES 70 2000 1 C    

John W. Mecom, Jr. ***
Independent businessman who bought, developed, managed, and sold a variety of real estate and other business interests

YES 78 1983 None      

Clifton H. Morris, Jr.
Chairman and CEO of JBC Funding, a corporate lending and investment firm

YES 82 1990 None      

Ellen Ochoa
Director, NASA Johnson Space Center

YES 59 2015 None      

Thomas L. Ryan
Chairman and CEO, Service Corporation International

NO 52 2004 2     C    

W. Blair Waltrip
Independent consultant, family and trust investments, and former senior executive of the Company

NO 63 1986 None        

A: Audit Committee
C: Compensation Committee
E: Executive Committee
N&CG: Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee
I: Investment Committee

: Member
C: Chair

* See Director Bios on pages 13 to 16, which includes other public Boards for each Director.

** New Director nominee - committee positions will be determined after the annual meeting.

*** John W. Mecom, Jr. has informed the Company he will not run for re-election when his term expires at the annual meeting in 2019.

Overview of Director Skills and Experience

We value the following skills and experiences within our Board of Directors to create a balance of diverse viewpoints and expertise:

CEO Experience/Senior Leadership. We believe Directors who have held significant leadership positions over an extended period, especially CEO positions, possess extraordinary leadership qualities and demonstrate a practical understanding of organizations, processes, strategy and risk management, and know how to drive change and growth.

Industry. The funeral and cemetery industry is unique and Directors with prior experience can help to shape and develop all aspects of the Company’s strategy.

Financial. Service Corporation International uses a broad set of financial metrics to measure its performance, and accurate financial reporting and robust auditing are critical to our success. We have added a number of Directors who qualify as Audit Committee financial experts, and we expect all of our Directors to have an understanding of finance, financial reporting processes, and internal controls.

Marketing/Brand Management. We employ a multi-brand strategy and also rely heavily on marketing our products and services on a preneed basis. Directors with marketing experience and/or brand management experience can provide expertise and guidance as we seek to expand brand awareness, enhance our reputation, and increase preneed sales.

Investments/Financial Services. Knowledge of financial markets, investment activities, and trust and insurance operations assists our Directors in understanding, advising on, and overseeing our investment strategies.

Real Estate. We own a significant amount of real estate. Directors with experience in real estate can provide insight into our tiered product/pricing strategy for our cemeteries as well as advice on best uses of our real estate.

Technology or e-Commerce. Directors with education or experience in relevant technology are useful for understanding our efforts to enhance the customer experience as well as improve our internal processes and operations.


Business Development/Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). We seek to grow through acquisitions and development of new business operations. Directors with a background in business development and in M&A provide insight into developing and implementing strategies for growing our business.


Government/Legal. We operate in a heavily regulated industry. Directors who have a background in law or have served in government positions provide experience and insights that assist us in legal and regulatory compliance and help us work constructively with governmental and regulatory organizations in the areas we operate.

Although the members of our Board embody a broad range of backgrounds, experience and expertise, the table below is intended to highlight only the top three areas of expertise for each member:

Overview of Director Skills and Experience
  Buckwalter Coelho (New)
Lund Mecom Morris Ochoa Ryan (New)
Watts Williams

CEO Experience/Senior Leadership






Marketing/Brand Management


Investments/Financial Services


Real Estate

        ✔       ✔        

Technology or e-Commerce


Business Development/M&A