2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Board Snapshot

With extensive experience in leadership positions and a proven record of success, our Board is qualified to oversee the Company’s strategy and management. The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee continually reviews and recommends enhancements to the Board’s leadership structure as evidenced by the nominations of Jakki Hausler and Sara Martinez Tucker this year and Ellen Ochoa in 2015.
Each Director brings a particular range of skills and expertise to the deliberations of the SCI Board, which facilitates constructive and challenging debate around the boardroom table (see page 13 for overview).
The calendar of Board and Committee meetings is established to support the Board’s focus on strategic and long-term matters, while ensuring the discharge of its monitoring and oversight role effectively through high quality discussions and briefings.
Director Age
The average age of our Board is 70. Including our two proposed nominees, the average decreases to 67. We believe the average age of our Directors gives our Board understanding and insight into the unique perspective of SCI’s consumer base. SCI’s average age of preneed cemetery consumers is the early sixties. The average age of preneed funeral consumers is the early seventies.
Meeting Attendance
During 2017, our Board had a 97% meeting attendance record. We also had two executive meetings to address specific items related to a litigation settlement and an acquisition. Please see page 20 for more information about our Board meetings and Director attendance.
Personal Qualities
Our Directors bring innate personal qualities to the SCI boardroom that enable our Board to function effectively. Personal qualities exhibited in the boardroom include self-awareness, respect, integrity, independence, and the capacity to function effectively in challenging situations.